We set the standard in quality

L & W Diesel’s engine remanufacturing experience goes back more than three decades. We established our remanufacturing expertise to meet the needs of our served market and clients. Our clients had valuable equipment including engines such as Perkins, Isuzu, Kubota, Detroit, CAT, and Cummins that were no longer in production. Over the years we have established the expertise, knowledge and resources to fully remanufacture several brands of engines. We will take and core engine from our client, and through an engine exchange program, supply them will a completely remanufactured engine to meet the original OEM specifications. The L & W remanufacturing facility is unequaled in the Permian Basin and enables our clients to extend the life of important pieces of equipment.

L & W Diesel offers the following advantages for providing you with a full replacement engine:
L & W Diesel remanufactured engines enhance the life of the your equipment: