The Engine Specialists
Allison Rebuilt

L & W Diesels Allison rebuilt transmissions program encompasses the following:

On Receipt each engine core is:
  • Completely torn down
  • Every component checked to see if can be used again within OEM specification
  • Experienced technicians know what to look for as regards reusability and replacement
Rebuild Process:
  • Transmission technicians rebuilding the units are familiar with all Allison model types
  • Parts out of specification will be replacements with new and/or rebuilt genuine parts
  • All consumable and wearing parts will be replaced
  • All transmissions are dyno’d to check pressures and any leaks. Full load will be applied
  • Full valve body testing
  • Record of performance for each tested unit
  • A long lasting industrial finish is applied
  • Full service preparation before applying finish
  • Custom color available upon request